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Welcome to our resource site for all Welsh speakers, learners and teachers! We hope you will find the links and information here useful. If there is anything you don't see here, and you feel it may be of benefit to other users, please let us know through our 'Contact Us' page with as many details as you can give.

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What's new?

A brand new mini-site for learners of Manx!

Saturday 4th November 2017

Loayrt! logo

Continuing with our quest to keep Celtic languages alive, we at are now launching the Manx resources mini-site, "Loayrt!".

The aim is to create a one-stop site where all available resources online can be reached from one place. Also to provide information of other resources you can purchase, like books, how to access Manx media (if at all) from wherever you are in the world! Also to inform learners who wish to practice their Manx with other learners through arranged group meetings via a handy Community page.

Also in the pipeline will be new mini-sites for learners of Scottish Gaelic and Breton.

"Eventually, we would like to cater for all Celtic Languages, and help preserve these beautiful languages for many years to come" says Gavin Humphreys, the founder of "If anyone would like to contribute to the growth of any of our mini-sites, with ideas for content, recommendations etc, please do not hesitate to drop us a line via the 'Contact Us' button".

Siarad! moves to a new home - Introducing Speak Celtic!

Saturday 23rd September 2017

Speak Celtic! logo

From today (23/09/2017), Siarad! and Labhair! moves to their new home on 'Speak Celtic!'. Both mini-sites have previously been using as it's home since April this year while the idea to create one website covering all Celtic languages to house these mini-sites was being devised.

Today also sees the launch of the Cornish language resources mini-site 'Kows!', to make up 3 of the 6 Celtic languages 'Speak Celtic' wants to showcase.

Social media pages have been updated with new links to the sites, new contact information and new handles/usernames to reflect the changes and make them all part of the new 'Speak Celtic!' family.

"Why I've pledged £10 a month to #SaveSaithSeren" _ SaySomethinginWelsh's Aran Jones explains why he is helping prevent the closure of Saith Seren in Wrexham.

Saturday 2nd May 2015

The founder of Aran Jones has posted a blog about why he is pledging £10 a month to help keep the widely renowned Welsh Language Center/Pub, Saith Seren in Wrexham, open after news broke that it is due to close later this month. Through his language course's forum on, he is encouraging all his learners to do the same to keep the doors of this valuable resource open.
To read his blog, and to find out how you can get involved, click here.

South East England Welsh group CACEN on BBC Radio 4's 'Saturday Live' programme!

Saturday 28th February 2015

South East England-based Welsh speakers group CACEN were featured in BBC Radio 4's 'Saturday Live' show, just in time for St. David's Day!
The 7 minute feature can be found 20 minutes in (but only for the next 35 days) on BBC iPlayer.

Kent Welsh meet announced on S4C programme 'Bore Da'!

Monday 20th October 2014

The Kent SaySomethinginWelsh Group submitted a short video to S4C's learners programme 'Bore Da' (part of the 'Dal Ati' group of programmes) to showcase their monthly meetups in Rochester, which was aired on Sunday 19th October in their 'Calendr' section of the programme.
Here is the original submitted video (which was subsequently slightly edited in the programme):