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(Welcome to Komz!)

Welcome to our resource site for all Breton speakers and learners! Check out our Community page to see where you can meet with people to use your Breton with. Also join our pages on Facebook and Twitter.

What's new?

A brand new website for learners of the Breton Language!

Saturday 3rd March 2018

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Completing the list of available Celtic language resource mini-sites, SpeakCeltic.co.uk is proud to launch it's final instalment with the Breton language resources mini-site, "Komz!".

The aim is to create a one-stop site where all available resources online can be reached from one place. Also to provide information of other resources you can access or purchase, like books and apps, and how to access Breton language media from wherever you are in the world (where possible)! Also to inform learners who wish to practice their Breton speaking skills with other learners through arranged group meetings via a handy Community page.

"Eventually, we would like to provide links to all available resources on the internet for all Celtic Languages, and help preserve these beautiful languages for many years to come" says Gavin Humphreys, the founder of SpeakCeltic.co.uk. "If anyone would like to contribute to the growth of any of our websites, with ideas for content, recommendations etc, please do not hesitate to drop us a line via the 'Contact Us' button".