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Failt ort dys Speak Celtic!

We aim to provide all the best resources available on the internet to help you learn these beautiful Celtic languages. We also aim to provide information on how you can get the best from your language, from courses available to media outlets providing services in your language. If there is anything you don't see on ANY of our pages that you feel would be of benefit to other users, please let us know through our 'Cur Fys Er Shinyn' page with as many details as you can give.

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Currently, we have only 4 of the Celtic Languages covered - Welsh (Siarad!), Irish (Labhair!), Cornish (Kows!) and Manx (Loayrt!).
The remaining languages - Scottish Gaelic (Bruidhinn!) and Breton (Komz!) will be available in the future.

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