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About Us

Who are we?

We are Speak Celtic! A website which aims to provide links and information to all the best available resources for Celtic languages available on the internet, and to the public through other media. Very few websites will offer such a vast wealth of resources to learners, speakers or teachers of these Celtic languages from either branch - Brythonic or Goidelic - at the very least all in one place. We want to be the alternative to using a search engine for finding the information you need by categorising everything you could be looking for in one easy to reach place. It's a project that will never finish for as long as new material and resources become available! But as soon as we hear about new resources becoming available, and if they serve to be useful to our users, we will also include them on this site.

How it all began

Caintneg Cymraeg logoThe original idea for this website came about in 2013 when a group of Welsh speakers and learners in Kent, England, used to meet in a small 12th century pub in Rochester called 'The Coopers Arms' to practice speaking Welsh. The website was intended to help Welsh learners find useful learning resources on the internet, as well as information about courses, access to Welsh media outside of Wales and news about future meetings. The website went by the name "Caintneg Cymraeg", or "Kentish Welsh" (a play on the Welsh words 'Caint' for Kent and the last 3 letters of 'Saesneg' for the "ish" part of 'Kentish' - a word which otherwise doesn't exist in the Welsh language). Before one of the members moved to Wales in 2015, he changed the website slightly to make it more accessible for anyone who wanted to find Welsh language resources, wherever they lived. The name of the website changed from "Caintneg Cymraeg" to the more universal name "Siarad!".

Of course, 'Siarad!' still exists today as part of this bigger website which now encompasses all 6 of the currently existing Celtic languages - Welsh (Siarad!), Cornish (Kows!) and Breton (Komz!) from the Brythonic branch, and Irish (Labhair!), Scottish Gaelic (Bruidhinn!) and Manx (Loayrt!) from the Goidelic branch.

What about Galician? Galicia is also a Celtic region with it's own language, isn't it?

Flag of GaliciaThis is true. Galicia, in the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula of Spain, was inhabited by the Gallaeci - the Celtic people who lived north of the Douro River during the last millennium BC, and was where the name 'Galicia' derived from.
The language itself is a member of the Italic Romance Iberian group of languages from the Indo-European branch, and is closely related to the Portuguese language. Since this website only really covers existing or revived languages from the Celtic family, we haven't included Galician in our list.